Tarkeeb leverages its extensive in-house technical knowledge and experience along with its approved Tridium Niagara System Integrator status for IoT products. Tarkeeb has the System Engineering skills necessary to design quality and reliable IoT solutions by:
  • Using off-the-shelf IoT products such as those from Tyrrell and Tridium;
  • Developing custom solutions requiring:
    • Digital & Analog hardware design and real-time embedded programming;
    • Electro Magnetic Interference avoidance principles;
    • IP Networking;
    • Cable design, installation, and testing.
Tarkeeb’s IoT solutions are the foundation for Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, Industrial Automation, and more. By collaborating with our industry-leading technology partners Tridium and Tyrrell, we are able to offer a host of products including digital controllers and other key components of building management systems, security systems, and access control systems while providing in-country customer support.

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