Tarkeeb is a certified installer and channel partner for MCharger Electric Vehicle Chargers in the UAE. MCharger is made in Germany and is ideal for the UAE market with its exceptional heat tolerance, AC charging power, cost-effectiveness, and 3 years of replacement warranty. It is compatible with all GCC, European, and American spec EVs and can be used with GB/T adapters for Chinese EVs too. Tarkeeb offers chargers and installation service as a one-stop-shop service to customers all over the UAE. We also help with special fabrication and customization requests, including white labeling, mounting poles, wall-mounted casings, and others. Salient features include:
  • Charging power up to 22kW
  • Color display
  • IP55 protection
  • Operating temperature up to 60 degrees Celcius
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Electrical connection available from the back, top, or the bottom
  • CE marking, RoHS, WEEE, IEC compliant
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