New TRA Type Approval Version in UAE You Must Know

November 16,2022

The Type of Approval policies in the United Arab Emirates has witnessed a few updates to ensure compliance and safety. Telecommunication and Radio Equipment in the Emirates must not be operated without Type Approval from the regulatory body. Whether an importer or operating company, you better keep an eye on the approval standards to show compliance. Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced a new type of approval policy, 2.0, effective from May 15, 2019. This post will reveal everything you must know about the new TRA Type Approval version in UAE. Keep walking with us to learn more!

The New Version of TRA Type Approval in UAE:

The new version of TRA Type Approval includes various changes regarding selling, importing, and operating telecom and radio equipment. Concerned bodies should understand the postulates of this new version and comply with them for smooth operations inside UAE. The new version has explained everything with various compliance levels and suppliers’ declaration of conformity. Let us roll through the included points to understand the new version better.

1. Telecommunication Equipment Compliance Levels:

Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) has designed new compliance levels regarding telecom and radio equipment in UAE. One must never overlook these levels before importing or selling radio and telecom equipment in the area. These levels are:

i) First Level (Declaration of conformity):

Telecommunication and radio equipment often carry different risk levels, and the regulating authority is never ignorant of the degree. Equipment with higher risk is often approved after a hectic process as it can cause adverse effects in the industry. However, low-risk radio and telecom devices are approved easily, based on supplier declaration of conformity.

The first level of compliance relates to radio and telecom equipment with lower risks and priority. These devices are approved based on SDoC with technical standards and necessities.

ii) Second Level (General Equipment Registration):

This level shall apply to telecommunications equipment of medium risk and priority. It is applicable when the registered manufacturer or importer of telecom equipment provides proof of conformity with the technical standards. The importer must also meet fundamental requirements by submitting technical test reports issued by an ILAC-certified lab or based on a certificate of conformity issued by one of TRA’s certification entities,

If the certified test report is unavailable, TRA may test the equipment or request that it be tested in a licensed testing facility at the applicant’s expense. Do you want to approve your telecom equipment for smooth operations in UAE? Consider obtaining TRA Type Approval for your equipment!

iii) Third Level (Advance Equipment Registration):

The 3rd level concerns telecom and radio equipment with high risk and priority. The importer of the telecom equipment must provide proof of conformity with technical standards and requirements based on the following points:

  • Submitting a test report obtained from a recognized test lab
  • Undergoing additional technical tests at the telecom equipment lab

Being a manufacturer or importer, you must provide a sample of equipment for approval under this level. It is considered a mandatory part of the Type Approval process, and you must acknowledge it. Level 3 would be applied to all those devices that do not have a test report from certified test labs.

2. Supplier’s declaration of conformity (SDoC):

The Type Approval Regime has specified a few requirements, and manufacturers or importers should know about them. Registered manufacturers and importers must provide a supplier’s declaration of conformity per ISO/IEC 17050-1:2004. They shall be responsible for telecom and radio equipment conformity under the Type Approval Regime.

3. TRA Declaration Conformity Card:

You can associate the Type Approval Regime Conformity Mark with this point. Before offering, selling, or making the equipment available in the UAE market, the registered manufacturer or importer of telecom equipment must print the TRA Declaration of Conformity Card (Type Approval Regime Conformity Mark) in a legible, readable, and non-removable format on the equipment box.

To be obvious and readable to customers, the TRA Declaration of Conformity Card must be displayed beneath the display platform of telecom equipment in retail establishments. Do you want to approve your equipment before selling or operating in UAE? Consider obtaining TRA Type Approval with the help of an experienced telecommunication company in Dubai for your equipment from a regulatory authority!

Before patching the conformity card on the box, here are a few points to consider.

  • A product statement card (visible on the box)
  • The tag must be marked with only black and white colors
  • The QR code must contain basic information

Approve Your Telecom Equipment Before Operations!

UAE is highly concerned about telecom equipment users’ safety and streamlined experience (general public). Therefore, the country has developed strict standards and Type Approval policies for manufacturers and importers of radio and telecom equipment. They must approve the equipment from regulatory authorities before selling and operating in the UAE. Contact Tarkeeb Now to approve your equipment and ensure smooth operations in the area!