Imagine if every part of your home or office — windows, doors, locks, temperature control units, kitchen appliances — contained a tiny embedded sensor that gathered data…Now imagine having systems in place that could capture this data and use it in real time to adjust operation and signal when intervention is needed. You could then analyze the accumulation of this data over time to optimize operations. Through our joint business objectives, co-development and innovative vision, and our partner-relationships with best-of-breed organizations, this is possible. For years, Tarkeeb has dealt with projects specific to building automation, management systems, and information and communication technology specific to Smart Cities. Commercial, Hospitality & Residential WiFi Installation Services Does your wireless router leave you frustrated with weak signals? Let Tarkeeb’s experienced WiFi Field Technicians assess your present system and provide a solution to end those dropped signals. You decide which areas of your hotel, restaurant, office, home, garden or poolside require Wifi and we’ll install and program a new WiFi network. Installation is fast and you can rely on our fully trained, certified and professional Field Technicians, serving the UAE since 2016.  

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